AI in Finance

I found an interesting site related to Neural Networks and Finance browsing on the Internet the other day. The information is little bit out of date, but it is well structured and up to the point.

There are several sections – Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Simulated Annealing and General optimization. Only the first and the second one are of particular interest for me.
Furthermore every section is divided in some subsections

  • Selected articles
  • References
  • Journals
  • Software
  • Links

Here is the web address:

Many pdfs and links to other valuable resources.

I am still reading the information (there is a lot!) and investigating any broken links (so far I have found just a few).

I will post a follow up once I have a definitive idea about the complexity and real value of that site.
The Good news is that, well – there are Neural Networks, there is Finance 🙂
The bad news is that the information is slightly old and the site is no longer actively updated…